About Me


Hi, my name is Carolina Falcone Roa, I  was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but when I was four years old my mother moved to Caracas, Venezuela. There I studied a Master of Laws (LLM) degree and worked as a lawyer for a few months. Soon after that I wanted to leave Venezuela because of the political situation, and I grabbed my things and went to Argentina again, I thought I’d feel like home but I was wrong, I was a complete foreigner there, and the situation in Argentina was a chaos at that moment. So I came back to Venezuela again, but I didn’t want to stay there. In 2003 I grabbed my suitcase and my money and went to Spain, where I completed a Master in Graphic and Web Design at CICE Escuela de Nuevas Tecnologías. Now I live in Dublin, Ireland, and I think that all my trips for moving or for holidays can help me with my work.